[09/21]Noises Occurred due to Toilet Leak Repair in the Library on September 22, 2018

Toilet leak repair is scheduled in the Library’s first floor on September 22, 2018. Continuous and disruptive noises can be occurred because of the construction work. We are sorry for any inconveniences it may cause.

[09/20]Library Closed on September 24, 2018

The Library is closed for Moon Festival on September 24, 2018. Have a Nice Holiday and Happy Family Gathering!

[09/17]Let’s Make: 3D Printing Tutorials in the Library

3D Printing services are launched in Wenzao Library in October 2017. To learn this new tech and make stuff with a 3D printer, three tutorials for beginners are offered on the following dates for all Wenzaorians. You can’t miss this fun and creative event!


Tutorials will be held at Multi-Purpose Learning Studio, Library 8th floor.

活動日期 / 時間

Date of Event


Open Registration

活 動 報 名 網 址

Online Registration Form

10/03 (


09/13 – 10/02


10/05 (


09/13 – 10/04


10/11 (


09/13 – 10/10


[08/29]Carpet Cleaning in the Library Building on August 31 , 2018

The library building is scheduled for carpet cleaning on August 31, 2018. Depending on the work progress, the following areas will be closed temporarily such as Information Access Area and the stairways from B1F to 4th Floor. This can cause disruptive noises. We are sorry for any inconveniences it may cause.

[08/28]Library closed on Aug. 28 because of the city government announcement of school and office closures