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Problems with E-Resources  
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Problems with E-Resources

Problems with E-Resources

Library electronic resources have strict licensing agreements. The remote access to licensed e-Journals, research databases and e-resources is restricted to currently enrolled students, university faculty, and staff. Visitors may access the Library's electronic resources only while in Wenzao Library.

Common Problems

1. I am away from campus and cannot get into a database.
Possible solutions:
a) To access Wenzao-restricted resources from outside of the Wenzao campus network, you must log in with your Wenzao Library ID and PIN through proxy connections. Click here for a step-by-step guide.
b) If you already pass the authentication but still unable to access the resources, please try to clear your browser cache and cookies: instructions for different browsers
2. I am on campus, but unable to access library's electronic resources.

Possible solutions:
Check your IP address with http://whatismyipaddress.com
Wenzao IP address ranges include:
If you are in one of the ranges but still have difficulty connecting to a library database, please try remote access or clear your browser cache and cookies.
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